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While the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to remember that there are ways you can protect yourself from getting the virus. With the growing number of cases in South Africa reaching 1326, you should know all the options you have when it comes to staying hygienic and protecting yourself from infection. Another growing concern to South Africans is their finances. Due to the lock-down many of us find ourselves in a tough financial situation. Here are some tips on hygiene during COVID-19 both for yourself and your finances.

Ways to stay hygienic financially and physically… 

1.Wash your hands 

There is a reason why our government keeps stressing this point, this is because if you were to touch someone who is infected with the virus or even something they have touched in the shops, as soon as you wash your hands, the virus dies. This is one of the best ways to prevent infection. Be sure to count to 20 while you wash! 

2. Avoid touching your eyes and face  

Try not to touch your eyes and face until after you have washed your hands. The virus can only be transmitted though mucus membranes such as your eyes and nose, so not touching your face can avoid infection.  

3. Limit social contact with those that are sick  

Unfortunately, the symptoms of COVID-19 are also symptoms of common allergies or flu. Limit your social contact with sick people when possible. The less contact between people, the more infections you can prevent.  

4. Keep your immune system strong 

Stress and anxiety are a major factor in weakening your immune system, try to stay focused on the positive and keep yourself busy to avoid stress. You can also take measures to strengthen your immune system by taking vitamins. Some good vitamins to take are multivitaminsvitamin C and Zinc.  

5. Stay at home  

This is the most vital step to protecting yourself and your family. Staying at home promotes social distancing. The virus cannot survive if there are no people to infect. The government has taken drastic measures to implement 21 days of lockdown, stick to this as much as possible. Don’t go outside unless you must go buy food. There are many healthcare workers putting their lives at risk to help those that are sick, all they ask in return is for everyone to abide by the lockdown rules and stay at home to protect not only yourself but others around you.  

6. Start saving  

Now is the best time to start saving your money. By saving you can prevent unfavorable financial positions in your future. If you build up an emergency fund, you will have some extra cash when you need it most. This month you might have gotten your full salary, but there are no guarantees for next month due to the lock-downThis is another reason to save your money this month and tighten your budget so that you don’t find yourself in trouble next month.  Meerkat can get you started from as little as R25 per month 

7. Make a budget  

The best way to see where your money goes is to make a budget. Add up all your expenses and then deduct from your income. This will allow you to see how much money you have left over to allocate to your savings.  

When you make a budget, you need to stick to it. This way you can make sure you don’t overspend your money on things you don’t need.  A budget can make your money work for you.

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