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Funeral cover

Funeral cover is a form of insurance that pays out a sum of money to the family of the deceased in the event of death. This is to ensure that the funeral expenses are covered and that the family can send you off with a dignified burial. 

People often mistake a funeral policy for a life policy. These are two different policies with different objectives and outcomes. Funeral cover aims to cover the immediate and often urgent costs of a funeral. On the other hand, a life policy is designed to take care of the ongoing costs of life itself as it is a cash sum that can be used by your family: pay off outstanding debts, fund education costs as well as lifestyle expenses, and more. With funeral cover the pay-out is fast and your family are protected from taking on debt to fund your funeral. 

What to look out for when buying funeral cover? 



When buying funeral cover you need to consider how much you can afford on a monthly basis. This is after you have deducted all your monthly expenses. This will help you determine which funeral plan will be suitable and affordable for you.  


Funeral plans come with different benefits. They include things like a certain amount of airtime after a claim has been filed, transport during the burial preparations, groceries, or offering grief counselling for the affected family members. The level of the cover and specific funeral plan you choose will dictate the benefits that will come with your funeral cover. 


Have an understanding of how many members you can cover. Also understand the terms and conditions that come with adding more members on the plan. For example, the ages and medical conditions that have an impact on the funeral cover. 

Information to be familiar with:

Read all paperwork before you sign any documents. Read the fine print with includes the terms and conditions, exclusions as well as benefits. Enquire about terms and phrases that you do not understand. Understand the claims and processes that will take place claiming. 

 Why Meerkat?

With Meerkat you can plan for the funeral you want and ensure your family has peace of mind. Meerkat offers an easy digital sign up and claim process. Our funeral cover offers up to R60k for individual and family cover and when you retire the cover remains in place*. If you miss a premium your cover remains*All underwritten by one of South Africa’s trusted brands – Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited  Check out for more! 


** cover will remain in place once premiums are received. Meerkat offers a savings product which can be used to fund premiums in the future, subject to you having sufficient funds 


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