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Debt rescue can put you on the right path to tackling your debt repayments. It can help you to become debt free. Learn more about the Debt rescue process and how Meerkat can help you.

03Nov 2020
Debt Counselling

Debt Counselling: Your questions answered. What is the NCA? National Credit Act. Act prescribing rules and regulations for the credit industry and sets the groundwork for over-indebtedness and debt counselling. What is the NCR? National Credit Regulator. Regulatory body responsible for monitoring the credit industry What is debt review? Debt review also known as Debt […]

20Oct 2020
Debt Review

Understanding the Debt Review Process Debt review is a process where a debt counsellor assesses your outstanding debt and implements a restructured debt repayment plan on your behalf. A new monthly payment plan is drawn up by your debt counsellor. When you are undergoing debt review, you are legally protected by the National Credit Act […]

12Feb 2020
wipe your credit clean

Have you ever wondered how you can wipe your credit record completely clean? Now the next question you might probably have would be; how do I actually do it? Is it even possible to have my credit wiped out? Well…here’s the good news, YOU CAN and IT IS POSSIBLE through a debt review application. Read […]

25Nov 2019
debt review good or bad

We’re often asked if debt review is good or bad and it all depends on your circumstances. If you find you are falling into arrears and you can no longer service your debt with the money you get in each month, you could be over—indebted.  If you are, then debt review is the solution for […]

23Oct 2019
debt counselling

The most popular question consumers ask about debt counselling ever since it was introduced by the NCA in 2007 is: Is debt counselling a good idea? The truth is that debt counselling is the best option for over-indebted consumers. It has saved many households from, bankruptcy and losing their assets. How does it work? If […]

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